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Scribobot interviews and writes your press release. No PR consultant needed.

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No press release experience is required, you only need to know how to use a keyboard.



Allstar can help you write up a general press release about almost anything. 


Writing General Press Releases

Hosty is Allstar's assistant, he helps you schedule an interview appointment with Allstar in your calendar. 


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Testy is for you, who just want to take a Scribobot for a spin to see how it works. It only take a few minutes.


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“Interesting, just made a rough press release to find out how it works and I am pretty impressed.” 


Founder & CEO, Hyperpage.co


About Scribobot

Scribotbot is a project made by Thomas Pedersen. Thomas has been doing PR for several years and besides his consultancy work, he has also launched Floragora, a marketplace for gardeners who enjoys trading plants with each other. After the launch of Floragora, Thomas realized he had got to know so many productivity enhancing tools, that even though he is not a software developer, he could still put together a automated workflow which could help people writing press releases; one of the most important things he used to do for a living. That's how the idea of Scribobots came about.


A Scribe

A person who copies out documents, especially one employed to do this before printing was invented.

A Scribobot

An AI powered robot who writes documents based on written interviews.


Our secret sauce

The main component in the Scribobot chatbots is TARS, an easy-to-use chatbot web-app, which we found to be quite easy to set up and deploy. The CRM is AgileCRM, which offers a lot of value for money. We also use Perfect Tense for proof reading. In between, there are a lot of Zapier automations.

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